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Made with three ingredients only! Organic Raw Shea Butter, Organic non-GMO Sunflower Oil and Candelilla Wax.


I love Dr. Bibi Organics Natural Body Balm! I have very sensitive skin and this product doesn’t irritate me.

I use it on my hands before bed ,which helps greatly with my cuticles, that tend to get very dry in the winter.

Also love that it is a vegan product!

Alison B.

As an African American female with really dry skin, it's hard to find products that deeply moisturize my skin without leaving it oily but still tough enough to fight ash. Dr Bibi's balm does just that! I'm also vegan and often times a lot of vegan products just sit on your skin but don't go deeper in the skin. I only use a small amount and it goes a long way. I like that my skin is soft, and glowing but not greasy. I use it all over and it's so convenient to carry just a small little container with me when I'm out and about. I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to be able to pronounce all the ingredients in their products while maintaining that youthful glow!

Cam H

I feel as though it’s safe to use for anything. I’ve been using it to massage on some areas of my skin where I have some cuts that have healed over and I believe it’s helping to diminish the appearance of my scars. So good to know the ingredients are not only vegan and organic but it is easy to understand exactly what they are. I highly recommend this product.


This Natural Body Balm is a dream! I love that it is organic and feels clean when applied.

I use it on my lips, cuticles and elbows. It feels silky smooth, and doesn’t leave you with a sticky residue which is usually the case.

I’m grateful to have found such a quality product at a fair price. Thank you, Dr. Bibi!!

Lindsay M

Vegan All Natural Skin Care

Our balm can be used anywhere on the skin from head to toe. It is an excellent moisturizer for people with unusually sensitive skin and is non-comedogenic.

Our moisturizing products are handmade with vegan organic ingredients. They are safe for men, women, children and babies. Cruelty free and never animal tested.